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overview: the 1970s

Okay, so there was this convention in Atlanta called the Atlanta Fantasy Fair, and according to the internets it might as well not have existed. But exist it did, from 1975 until 1995. The following is an incomplete overview of the Atlanta Fantasy Fairs 1975-1979, when and where they were held, and who was there. Information has been culled from various sources including AFF program books, convention listings, usenet posts, and comments from readers.

I will keep updating this post as more information comes in. If you have any data, image files of flyers or artwork, t-shirts, program books, please contact me at

Thanks to all those who have contributed!

1975 Atlanta Fantasy Fair I
Ramada Inn, I-85 and Monroe Drive
"At the first Atlanta Fantasy Fair in 1975, the guests were Stan Lee, Kenneth Smith, and me, with my Superman collection." M. Curtis  Mike emailed me later to correct his name and to note that he sketched on stage while Stan Lee came out dressed as Superman, infringing upon any number of copyrights.

Listen to a WAGA radio news report about the first AFF here! (thanks to Don)

1976 Atlanta Fantasy Fair II
Location: Marriott Downtown
Guests: Frank Brunner, Steve Gerber, Dick Giordano, and Kenneth Smith

1977 Atlanta Fantasy Fair III
Location: Dunfey's Royal Coach (Castlegate)
Guests: Neal Adams, Kenneth Smith
There was the CONAN van, parked INSIDE for I think the 77 show at the Dunfey/Castlegate. (T. Johnson)
Dr. Smith was a guest at all of them up until 1988 or so I believe. He quit coming after he tried to intervene in a very loud and childish argument that some gamers were having while he was trying to give a seminar on techniques. On of the gamers viciously insulted him, and he's never been back to an Atlanta con since.("billy goat")

1978 Atlanta Fantasy Fair IV.
Location Dunfey's Royal Coach (Castlegate).
Guests: Stan Lee, Jim Starlin, Howard Chaykin, Jim Steranko
1978, first convention: Atlanta Comics & Fantasy Fair. Stan Lee, Starlin, Chaykin, Steranko. For some weird reason, Robert Conrad was hanging around the lobby on Saturday night.

1979 Atlanta Fantasy Fair V.
Location: Downtown Atlanta Sheraton.
Guests: John Byrne, Dave and Deni Sim

"In 1979 Deni and I had the table next to John Byrne at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair and we made a fortune on back issues and sketches... " (Dave Sim) Visions #1 was published.

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