Saturday, August 14, 2010

AFF 1986

Here's some images from the progress report for the 1986 Atlanta Fantasy Fair.

Front cover:

Guests included Stan Lee, Jim Shooter, John Romita Sr, Archie Goodwin, Ralph Bakshi, Greg Hildebrant, John Varley, Boris & Doris Vallejo, Terry Nation, Kelly & Polly Freas, Steve Jackson, Richard Pini, Cat Yronwode, David Dorman, Brad Strickland, Gregory Nicoll, Matt Feazell, and more. There was also extensive video programming:


Notice the emphasis on "Japanimation". It's the exciting new fad!


Atlanta residents will be excited to learn that Ted Turner's Cable News Network is in the process of making the Omni their new home.
(thanks to Devlin Thompson for providing me with this material)

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St Stewart said...

Oh, the many, many happy memories.